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['Now' and 'Time']

'Now' that which has no part,
is an indivisible whole.
It is an abstract unform,
without shape, size,
dimension, volume or
any measurements within
the knowings.

When 'now' is in motion,
the concept of 'time is generated.
This 'time' can be divided
into multiple 'past's and 'future's
but not into multiple 'now's.
For there is only a 'now'
that is indivisible.

'Time' is formed from
the motion of 'now',
though they remain
as separated entity.

They are not apart of each other
and their relation coexist.

It is, perhaps, without 'now',
there will be no time.
It is, perhaps, without 'time',
there will be no sense of 'now'.